Note, Speak, Listen for Deaf



A handy application for deaf people, allowing a deaf person to write a note for a hearing person. This note will be displayed in large type and will be clearly visible on the device screen. This application allows a deaf person to talk with a hearing person, passing the phone to each other.
The application has a very useful feature for translating speech into text, which comes in handy in two cases:
1. When a deaf person and a hearing person pass each other the phone during a conversation, a hearing person presses the “Listen” button or the “Listen and Note” button. When he or she speaks, the app translates the speech into text, displaying the message on the device screen.
2. A deaf person can direct the phone or a connected external microphone toward a hearing person, press the “Listen” button and listen to what the hearing person says to the deaf person.

Also, a deaf person can pronounce the message using a synthesized speech feature (Speak and Note button), if a deaf person does not speak.

The use of a single device is not too convenient for the full conversation between a deaf and a hearing persons (as you need to be close to each other and pass the phone), that’s why we recommend to use two devices with «Deaf-Hearing Chat. Device-H» and «Deaf-Hearing Chat.Device-D» applications installed.

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