Note(Phone book)



Secret phone book application
The display name of the widget list of the terminal,
"Notes" is.

On the surface, visible only to note the widget
What is the phone book (contacts) applications.
Widgets can also be used as course notes.

Because the first and confidentiality,
Applications that use a phone book on a regular basis,
I think difficult to use.
Furthermore, without a motion sensor
In the terminal, can not be used.
phone book and body and is googleContacts
Fully independent phone book (contacts) app.

Phonebook only incognito and
Please consider us.

Methods - Introduction
After installation, home screen widgets
Please install it.
Start the app and tap the widget.

First, press the Menu button
Please set your password.

After setting the password, so that the screen transitions,
Looking down to the terminal screen
Or, to flip the device
Please Tilt.

Since the login screen will appear,
The password you just
Please input.

Passwords can not be changed once set.
If you have forgotten your password, there is no way to recover.
→ Application settings from the management,
Please delete the data.

When you tap a phone number listing
You can call or send SMS.
SMS sending feature, please think about a bonus.
When you tap an email address
The selection screen of the app to send mail.

• This phone number is registered in the application,
After the call, or return to the application of this
Clear the call history and call to start.
• The SMS sent from the application, the transmission history
Remain. The receiving terminal contained
The application receives the message.
Unauthorized attempts to use that ·
When you enter a wrong password for login
By recording the number you see.

[New Additions]
If you installed · QR code scanner
Books to read information from the QR code applications
You can now register the phone book.
※ QR code scanner is free.
・You can now send and receive impersonate · SMS.
But they do really well received,
Set free the source,
As was done in exchange for SMS
You can pretend.
Exchange has been set, the default
"Messages" on the application
Are reproduced.
Seems to be sending and receiving ※ SMS,
Send and receive SMS charges will not occur.

[For sophisticated version]
SD card to output to CSV file • Registration information
Can be saved. .
From a CSV file that conforms to the Output File
You can register to the phone book.
You can automatically send an SMS to a specified time.

[Feature] will be added soon sophisticated version
· Gmail account set up by,
You can send mail from a Gmail address.
Various permissions,
We use only when necessary as a function of the phone book.

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