Notification By Vibration



It will solve, if an unclear smart phone, however this application are installed [ whether the telephone call finished and ]!
It also becomes that line disconnect is not carried out and phonecall charges are taken also with thinking that the telephone call finished without the contents which thought that the circuit had run out and talked getting across to a partner!
We announce you this application by vibrating, when the telephone call with a partner finishes and a circuit cuts.
In a setup, if choosing-pattern of the vibration at time of repealing-temporarily-operation of this application information pretense-of-being-out Mohd is turned ON, it can.
You can select the vibration pattern mode pretend to be out.
Pretense-of-being-out Mohd is Mohd who does oscillating information, when there is a telephone call, it does not answer in the phone here and a partner disconnects a telephone.

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