This NXT Pad app allows your Android phone to remote control your Mindstorms NXT robots via Bluetooth.

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT supports Bluetooth communication between a program running on the NXT, and a program running on some other Bluetooth device. A common setup is a connection between two NXT bricks, one is as remote controller and the other one is as slave.

With an Android phone and the NXT Pad app, you don't need another NXT brick as a remote controller to connect with the slave NXT brick. Once Bluetooth connected, the NXT Pad can send single number 1-9 as message to the slave NXT.

On the other hand, the slave NXT is programmed for different actions according to the value received from Bluetooth mailbox. To see a NXT-G programming example working with NXT Pad, please look to the 4th captured screen.

In addition, NXT Pad is able to control the NXT motors directly without any program.

For more details please visit the NXT Pad website on

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