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OBiON is a free communication application (beta) which makes possible placing and receiving free calls to/from other OBi endpoints using the OBiTALK network and your device's Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G** connection to the Internet. Calls with regular land line and mobile phones are possible when using an Obihai OBi Voice Service Bridge device.

To use OBiON, please do the following:
1. Download OBiON from the Android Market.
2. Sign-up for an OBiTALK account at:
3. Log-in to OBiON with your OBiTALK user name and password and start making free calls.

- Please Note -
Your 9-digit OBi No. is viewable at the top of the OBiTALK screen of the OBiON app as well as in your Dashboard when you are logged in to

**9-222-222-222 Test No.
At any time, you may call the OBiTALK Echo Service to test your connection.

How to Make and Receive Calls:
Using the 9-digit OBi No. you can call other OBi endpoints for free using any Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G** Internet connection.

If you call an Obihai OBi110 Voice Service Bridge, your call can be bridged to another service like your local Telco or a VoIP service to reach land lines and mobiles.

Your OBiON can receive calls from other OBi endpoints when they dial your 9-digit OBi No. Calls from a regular phone or the PSTN can ring your OBi No. by using an Obihai OBi110 Voice Service Bridge.

You may use an OBi device as a 'direct dial' gateway through which calls from your OBiON soft phone will ring the PSTN number directly using a VoIP or (if using an OBi110) analog land line service.

To use this feature, log in to the OBiTALK portal. In the configuration settings for your OBi soft phone, select an OBi Voice Gateway device from the drop-down menu through which you will make calls.

IMPORTANT NOTE for OBi Gateway Callers:
When you are using OBiON in conjunction with an OBi device (OBi110 or OBi100) as a voice gateway, unless preceded by a "**9", all dialed numbers will go to the gateway OBi device to be routed to the called number. To call an OBi device or soft phone directly you must first dial a **9 before its 9-digit OBi No.

OBiON Features:
- Make or Receive VoIP Calls To/From Other OBi Endpoints - For Free!
- Make or Receive VoIP Calls To/From Land Lines and Mobiles Via an OBi Voice Service Bridge
- Make Calls Using 9-Digit OBi No.
- Make Calls Using OBiTALK Speed Dials (99)
- Call Log / History (Made, Received, Missed)
- Dial From Call History
- Clear Call History (All / Individual)
- Contact List
- Import Contact List from Phonebook
- Add to Contacts from Call Log
- Add/Remove Contacts Manually
- Dial From Contact List
- Remove Contact
- Log-In / Log-Out with OBiTALK UN/PW
- Synchronization with OBiTALK
- Codec Selection (Best, Great, Good, Acceptable)
- Silence Suppression
- Echo Cancellation

OBiTALK Features:
- Enable Direct Dial Gateway Calling via an OBi Device
- Manage OBi Devices and Soft Phones
- Add/Remove Devices
- Add/Remove Services (SIP Accounts)
- Edit OBi Endpoint Names
- Manage Your OBi Circle of Trust (CoT)
- Add People to Your CoT
- Request to be Added to Another CoT
- Manage Trusted Caller ID Numbers
- Speed Dial List (99) Network Based

Note: The speakerphone is not supported in this release.

** 3G Connectivity:
Please note that while we have completed many successful voice calls using multiple carriers' 3G networks, we have found that performance of the app is the most reliable when Wi-Fi or 4G is used to connect to the Internet.

Carrier roaming and cellular data charges may apply.

The people at Obihai are re-inventing the telephone at a personal level. "OBi" products come in the form of powerful Internet connected devices and applications configured for optimum savings and absolute convenience. OBi can help you start saving money and time immediately.

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Recently changed in this version

2630 Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
- Fixed Crash when ending call in Samsung Galaxy
- Fixed Audio problem when in a call and
Android going to sleep mode.

2625 Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
- Acquiring Service issue addresses on select platforms
- Fixed Crash when used in Motorola Xoom

Comments and ratings for OBiON Android
  • (32 stars)

    by Colin Gebhart on 05/06/2014

    This has worked a few times for me, but usually calls end as soon as they are dialed without ringing. Don't waste your time with this terrible app.

  • (32 stars)

    by Keith Childers on 19/05/2014

    if you aren't going to maintain or improve it? I love my Obi with or without a mobile app, but this is just sad. Something with native dialer integration would be far more useful.

  • (32 stars)

    by Hernan Aro on 14/05/2014

    Don't waste your time with this program if you have later version of Android after Froyo. You'll notice that this program has not been updated since Oct 2011. Obihai is being deceptive by making it look like it is a desirable feature of their Obi products not mentioning it is obsolete. It is documented in the Obi Forum that it no longer work.

  • (32 stars)

    by Mih A on 01/05/2014

    It does have a bug which interrupts the call after 9 minutes or so. If this will be fixed, it would make five stars.

  • (32 stars)

    by Zack Wong on 13/04/2014

    Hi, there!! Finally, I find this app is working fine for me !! My phone is nexus 5. The problem of the auto attendant hang out in 5 seconds in the 3G network is our router timeout the connection ( I guess) since I can connect it fine in my home network. All you need to do is to build a vpn server in your router and connect back to it.

  • (32 stars)

    by AJ Gemini on 03/04/2014

    It doesn't work on SGS4. It used to work before, and it was a useful app. What a shame!

  • (32 stars)

    by Nicholas Marchese on 27/02/2014

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