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You've probably heard of Omegle. That one site where you chat with strangers, and they usually talk about random stuff. So you may ask yourself...well why would I get a paid version over free?

For only 99 cents (USD) you get:

-User friendly navigation - Much easier to navigate than the mobile site, and other free paid apps (with an android 3.0+ feel)
-Familiar look and feel, with theme support (for day/night)
-Ability to copy/paste and share conversations when they end
-NEW! Upload pictures on the fly straight from your phone
-Language translation (up to 13 different languages (Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Hindu, and more)
-Ability to set/change interests/questions on the fly
-Auto message/question on connect
-Script Engine (for v2) allowing creative people to script their own messages out uniquely without the worry of captcha
-ReCaptcha (v1)
-Connection support (checks each time before you connect)
-Prompt support from the developer (feel free to email for bug reports or wanted features)
-Buys the developer a beer as a thanks ;)

***Please note this application uses only 2 permissions***

INTERNET - For obvious reasons, we need to connect to the internet to receive messages
CHECK_NETWORK_STATE - Allows the application to check whether WIFI/3G is enabled, and if it's not.

**NOTE: If you run into any issues with the application, please email me the following at

Device (ex: HTC Desire HD):
OS Version (ex: Android 4.0 ICS):
Problem encountered (ex: my application froze trying to send a message):

All messages will be promptly returned. Please try to be descriptive as possible.

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