OneSim VoIP provides OneSimCard customers with an even less expensive way to make and receive international calls on their OneSimCard-enabled mobile phones. To use OneSim VoIP, users must have a sufficient Wi-Fi or 3G Data connection, Android 2.0 or higher phone and a VoIP-enabled Personal Extra Number (PEN) activated with When making an outgoing call, a OneSimCard user can select the way the call will be made – either through the OneSimCard international SIM card or OneSimCard VoIP network. Calls made over the OneSimCard VoIP network are generally much lower cost than OneSimCard’s standard international roaming rates seen at Incoming calls made to the PEN will be received through low-cost VoIP if the OneSimCard phone and OneSim VoIP app has a sufficient Wi-Fi network or 3G Data connection. Otherwise, the call will be sent the usual way to the phone through the international SIM card.
The OneSim VoIP app does not require the OneSimCard international SIM card to be installed in the phone. The app will not work with a 3G Data connection made through a OneSimCard international SIM card in order to avoid high data usage charges on your OneSimCard account. OneSim VoIP will work only with a 3G Data connection made with a SIM card from another company or when connected through a Wi-Fi network.

Initial settings for the app are available in the “My SIM Cards” menu of your online account. When in the My SIM Cards menu, select the SIM if there is more than one on your account and then click on the Create VoIP Account link. This will create a OneSim VoIP account and provide you with a link to the settings information for your phone.

Important: Connection quality of the calls made using OneSim VoIP option over Wi-Fi or 3G will only be as good as the quality of the Data connection. Please be advised that in most cases this kind of connection quality is inferior to the connection quality made through the OneSimCard international SIM card cell roaming network.

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