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An elegant, functional web-browser.

  • Elegant simple design
  • Speed-dial button placement

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"Operatic Browsing"


The Opera browser is great looking, elegant, simple, and functional. It includes a great 'off the road' function, which uses less data and loads web pages faster on slow internet connections. The settings are somewhat limited, and it's very easy to accidentally hit the speed-dial button and lose your page.


Opera looks great, with clean elegant graphic design, and pages load quickly and painlessly. The 'off the road' feature is great if you want to save your precious data, or if your internet connection is slow, and the browser controls very nicely with back and forward buttons in an easy to reach place.


There's not much wrong with this browser, other than perhaps limited settings, and the placement of the speed-dial button. The placement in the bottom middle means it's easy to press accidentally, causing you to have to go back and reload your page.

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by Molly

Mar 24, 2015

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