Outgoing Call Blocker



This is best if you give your phone to your childrens, toddlers, or curious people.

Outgoing Call Blocker supports to filter outgoing calls
☆ Prohibit outgoing call for selected numbers (FDN numbers) (PRO)
☆ Password confirmation before making outgoing call for selected numbers
☆ Confirm receiver before for making outgoing call for selected numbers
☆ Special number list to control password protection or bypass

More features:
☆ Lock outgoing call with passcode
☆ Spell out recipient names
☆ Confirmation dialog with two mode: simple (name, photo, number) & detail (simple mode plus call/sms logs
☆ Shake to confirm

Important notes
- Special numbers accepts exact numbers or a startWith (such as country code), endWith, contain, or do not contain,
- Code may be enabled in three levels: all numbers, numbers in phonebook, or special numbers
- Detail view mode will add latest sms and call logs, send SMS button to simple view mode,
- Bluetooth on bypass intercepting considers only bluetooth radio status, not bluetooth device,
- Speak notification works on some common languages (defined in the list), not all,
- Shake to confirm also request correct code.

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