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    Panic Button WIDGET for your desktop:
    The operation of the application is easy, after you press the panic button, will undertake the following actions if you have activated them:

    - you must install the widget on the desktop to work.
    - if you dont have activated 3G or GPS the street where you are(+/- 50 meters of accurancy) will not be send.)

    A) Sending SMS:
    - Send a text message to all the telephone numbers you set.
    - You can setup the SMS as you like, fixing your own text.
    - Be possible to send a secret word, so that the intended recipient knows the message is authentic.(you can see the secret word you have written by tapping some seconds the secret word.)
    - the phone will send also the street where you are. (based in GSM coordinates and Location within 30-50 meters).

    B) Emergency call:
    - starts an emergency call to the number you have configured.

    C) Record what it is happening to you in an audio file:
    - you can setup how many seconds you want to record.
    - The recording is saved in the root folder of your cell phone.

    (Emergency call and Record options are exclusive. You only can to chose one of the two options)

    D) You can set the widget so you can choose how to carry out the configured actions, by pressing the red button once or twice.

    # How to use once configured customizable parameters:
    1) You can install 3 different widgets at your choice.
    a) widget with panic button and config button.
    b) widget with the panic button only.
    c) widget with a big panic button only.
    (To install a widget: tap with your finger on the screen of your phone for a few seconds (on the desktop of the phone), will display a window where you will find the option: Widgets.Click that option and will display a list of the wigets you can install. You must to search "panicbuttonwidget" and select it. Panicbuttonwidget will be installed.)

    2) After installation you can find the widget on the desktop of your phone. Pressing the Red button 1 or 2 times in a row (depending on how you have configured) will run all the actions you configured to call for help:
    2.1-If you set the widget to run with a single click. The configured actions are executed by pressing the red button once.
    2.2-If you set the widget to run with two clicks. The configured actions will be implemented after pressing the red button twice.
    If you have accidentally pressed the red button and you do not press the button again within three seconds, the application will reset the click

    (After an application update, we recommend that you review the configuration and testing options)

    if you want to help us with the translation or you have some suggestions, write us:


    -Your messages: Edit SMS or MMS, SMS or MMS read.
    > Necessary to enable write a custom message.

    -Your location: GPS location details.
    > Locate your position to send in the SMS.

    -Your personal information-read contact details:
    > Necessary to select directly from the phone contact list to which you want to send the emergency message.

    -Storage: modify / delete files on SD.
    > Necessary before you can save the application on the external SD card.

    -Services with costs: Send SMS messages, call phone numbers directly.
    > Necessary to allow the sending of the emergency message and emergency call.

    -Hardware controls: record audio.
    > Required for the recording of what is happening.

    - Phone calls: read the phone status.
    > This permit is also required for the service call.

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