Pastel Purple Go SMS Pro Theme



Pastel Purple Theme For Go SMS Pro.
Also Download Companion Go Launcher Theme and Go Contacts EX theme, search for Pastel Purple go Launcher or Pastel Purple Go Contacts theme.
Developed by the JV-Designs team.


A beautiful partner with the Pastel Purple Go Launcher EX theme. This is the additional free theme for the Go SMS application.


1. You must have GO SMS installed (search "GO SMS" to download).
2. To apply the theme within GO SMS: Menu -> Themes -> Choose “Pastel Purple" theme.


To Activate the theme specific sms popup. Please follow the following directions.

1. Open Go SMS pro.
2. Press menu
3. Select Themes
4. Select the Go Popup Tab
5. Select the icon below the Go popup tab. Its like 3 horizontal lines.
6. Select the "Use the Normal popup" radial option

That should activate the theme specific sms popup.


Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a Samsung Galaxy Note.
Email us if there are any problems, questions or suggestions.

Please rate if you like it. :)

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