Personal Affirmations



Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking,through affirmations, people can motivate themselves subconsciously to achieve a better professional and personal life for themselves. This habit helps to constantly remind them of what they are capable of achieving so that they will not fall into the "victim mindset".

People are looking for mantras and affirmations everyday, and this book hopes to empower you with all the resources you need to tap into this ultimate shortcut to success.

Here is what you will discover inside...

★ Chapter 1: Motivation and Positive Thinking
★ Chapter 2: Healthy Living and Weight Loss
★ Chapter 3: Millionaire Mindset and Financial Freedom
★ Chapter 4: Inner Peace
★ Chapter 6: Internet Marketing Affirmations
★ Chapter 7: Love and Relationship Affirmations
★ Chapter 8: Love Mantras
★ Chapter 9: Success Mantras
★ Chapter 10: Wealth Mantras
★ Chapter 11: Health Mantras

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