official support until Android 4.3!
- secure sms transmission with asymmetric encryption
- totaly over sms
- public-key infrastructure (PKI)
- comfortable and easy use

If you want to share sensitive data with someone, others should not be able to spy the data. To reach this goal we created this app.

With this app, an attacker, who probably intercepted the sms to get its content, cannot get any information from the content because he can not do anything with the encrypted text.

A Keypair is created.
With the Public Key you encrypt a message.
With the Private Key you decrypt an encrypted message.
You send your Public Key to the person which wants to send you an encrypted message. The person encrypts the message with your Public Key and sends the encrypted Message to you. ONLY YOU can decrypt the encrypted Message with your Private Key.

Instruction to send encrypted messages:
- your friend shares you his public key
- now you can send him an encrypted message

Instruction to get encrypted messages
- create a keypair if you dont have one
- share your public key to the person which wants to send you an encrypted message.

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