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Phone 2 Location - Caller Id's review


Mobile Number & Phone Location provides the location and telephone provider of your caller

  • Bautiful visuals
  • Several themes to choose from
  • Runs great
  • Limited to only a handful of countries
  • New numbers don't always provide info

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"Check your caller's location and provider"


Looking to give you more information about your caller, Mobispark Tools’s Mobile Number & Phone Location looks to provide you the location and telephone provider of your caller. This app also organizes your phone’s contacts based on their country, city, and even state. Mobile Number & Phone Location lets you block unwanted calls and messages, and also shows the last time said you received a call from said dialer.


Mobile Number & Phone Location adheres to Google’s new Material Design, making for an easy-to-use app that looks and runs great. There are also several sleek themes to choose from.


This app is currently limited to only a handful of countries, and is not ideal when travelling overseas. Most of the time, with unknown numbers, only the country name appears and not the city, state, or cellphone provider as promised.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Nov 06, 2015

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