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Pico client is an advanced SIP based VoIP application designed for smartphones enabling converged voice and IM & Presence over Wi-Fi or 3G data network connections.
Pico VoIP client consists of array of features: HD VoIP, connectivity across various network types (WiFi / Data networks), numerous call functions, voice mail, DTMF support, push notifications, custom branding, device integration, background service, HD VoIP, secure data transfer, and further enhancements.
Pico add-ons include UC (unified communication) for Broadsoft enabling business users to gain access to their corporate communication network (telephony, internal directory access, IM, presence) directly to their smartphone making it easier to constantly stay connected.

+ WiFi networks and 3G Data Networks
Phone Features
+ Call waiting, Call forward
+ Call Logs – Recent, Missed, Dialed, Redial Option
+ Speakerphone, Call Hold, Call Mute
+ Redial Option
+ Native Address Book - Contacts List
Audio Codecs
+ Wideband coders and Narrowband coders G.729, G.711, PCMU, iLBC
DTMF Support
+ Out of band via RFC 2833, Inband and SIP INFO
Push Notifications
+ Notification of incoming calls while application is not running
+ Based on Google C2DM technology
+ Based on MailVision Proprietary protocol
Multitasking / Background Service
+ Receiving incoming calls when app is in background (while using other applications)
+ Google Android background services capabilities.
Cellular Interception
+ GSM calls and SMS Interception

Device Integration
+ Headset with microphones
+ Speakerphone
+ According to the Service Provider’s needs - layout
+ Multiple languages support
+ Interoperable with leading Softswitches and Gateways (SIP Based)
Support / Debug
+ Built-in mechanism to send traces to the provider’s tech team
UC for BroadSoft Add-On:
+ Access to BroadWorks corporate directory using XSI interface
+ Intuitive user defined contact list with unlimited number of contacts
+ BroadWorks rich Instant Messaging and Presence
+ Licensed BroadWorks features configurable from the client
+ Users management
+ BroadWorks Anywhere, automatic callback, DND (do not disturb), selective call forwarding, Remote Office and other more.
+ Interoperability with Broadsoft SSW
IM & Presence Add-On
+ Send and receive Instant Message (IM)
+ Personal Chat
+ Chat History

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