Pinyin Speaking Aid

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    Pinyin Speaking Aid is used for aiding speaking using touch or keyboard inputting.
    It can be used in three ways:
    Use Chinese Pinyin input method of this app to input syllable sentense and speak out the sentense.
    Input full text and speak in Chinese.
    Input full text and speak in any language that device speech engine supported.
    It also provides some convenient features:
    Repeat speaking;
    Load and Edit old sentence;
    Store many sentences in advance to avoid inputting in site.
    The users may be:
    People who is leaning Chinese Pinyin and speaking.
    Chinese speech disabled group for quickly inputting and expressing through speech voice.
    People need input text and speak in language that tts specified.
    Including three types of input method: Three Key Pinyin, Two Key Pinyin, Full Text.
    Three Key Pinyin using Initial, Final and Tone to input a Chinese syllable; Two Key Pinyin using two keys to input a Chinese syllable.
    Full Text can freely input text using system input method.
    Can set default input method.
    Can set speech engine type for full text reading, including ShoushuoTTS for Chinese and system speech engine. In full text mode, use corresponding tts setting to control speech features.