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    Use your 3G modem stick or your modem-enabled phone with your Android tablet's USB host for Internet access - even if it is Wifi-only. There is no guarantee that all device combinations are working - READ and UNDERSTAND the requirements below !

    !! Attention !! Newer Google devices with stock Android > 4.2 have kernel module loading disabled. PPP Widget will most likely not work on these; try PPP Widget 2 which does not need kernel drivers.

    This app will not receive any further development. Moving to PPP Widget 2 is suggested, it now also runs on Lollipop !

    If you get the "No driver" message, this is not the fault of PPP Widget. See the">FAQs at the developer's website.


    - Needs root access (with "Superuser" or "SuperSU" app)
    - Needs USB host function (an OTG adapter in most cases)
    - Needs a powered USB hub (unless your device has plenty of power)
    - Some devices (e.g. Samsung) need additional kernel drivers
    - Your modem must provide serial ports and use the standard PPP protocol

    This app is free. No ads. No data gathering.

    Warning: again, there is no guarantee that every Android/modem combo will work. Don't blame me, I can test only few devices!
    If your combination does not work, help with improvement. Don't just complain in a short comment. See app webpage for feedback options.


    This widget is a frontend for the PPP daemon which enables Internet access over almost any USB device with modem capabilities, including mobile phones.

    For 3G sticks, the usb_modeswitch tool is included to bring them into modem mode, in most cases fully automatic.

    Even if this app needs root access for device preparation and building the connection, it does NOT alter any system files!

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