Protect Your Privacy



“Protect Your Privacy” (PYP) provides efficient and effective secure communications for individuals who are concerned with their privacy.

Customers utilizing PYP Mobile Application now have the ability to protect their text messages, pictures, videos and voice messages with complete security and confidence, knowing that private conversations will not be compromised from prying eyes.

In order to use PYP Mobile Application both parties must have the application or "GV Secure" mobile application to encrypt and decrypt text messages, videos, pictures and voice messages.

PYP utilizes your mobile phone provider text messaging service to transmit text messages and also utilizes Dropbox to store your pictures, videos and voice messages.

Features of PYP:
1. Decrypted files are automatically deleted after viewing or play file.
2. Decrypted files are not sharable and screenshots are prevented.
3. Share high resolution and larger video files via text message, email, and other social media outlets
4. Deleting files on the cloud allows the shared link useless to others
5. Send encrypted voice messages instead of text messages
6. For extra privacy we have two different encryption algorithms: one for text messages and one for pictures, videos and voice messages.
7. Ability to share the encrypted key for two way secure communications
8. Once a message is decrypted PYP automatically re-encrypts the message when a refresh occurs.
9. Works on all Android Phones using Android version 2.2 and higher.

Some examples of how to use this product

Personal informational exchanges that can include: bank pin numbers, combination to a safe, home security codes, and any conversations you want to remain private are just a few examples.

Encrypted snapshots of proprietary business information that may or may not be exchanged.
Encrypted multimedia used for personal and business purposes.

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