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Move your favorite content from wherever it is to wherever you want it without ads and with just one click using the innovative Push To Email app. Like Pocket or Instapaper or the old Read It Later -- only better and easier to use -- this app moves web content to your email box so you can read it later. It’s a great alternative to both Getpocket and Instapaper and in the same time, works perfect with both. You get the content you want cleaned of ads and clutter and delivered to you so you can read it on your schedule.

The Push To Email app puts news stories, blog entries and more into your email box to read at your convenience with full privacy and full control. It works with.

★ Gmail
★ Googlemail
★ Evernote
★ Outlook
★ Yahoo! Mail

....and your favorite webmail site or email client app like:

★ Postbox
★ Thunderbird
★ Apple Mail
★ Android Mail
★ K- 9 mail
★ K - 10 Mail

... you name them. Plus, it’s easy to install on your Android. Even better, your first FIVE article shares are FREE.

So what are you waiting for? Download Push To Email to your smartphone now and take control right away. Push To Email is a simple solution that helps you claim and organize the complex and cluttered web -- so you’ll never lose or forget about an important story again. And that could help you boost your productivity higher than ever before.

Pushtommail is also the best way for you to clip web pages to Evernote with a single tap . You will save the actual web page content to Evernote - Text , links , images and everything else in the content with a SINGLE tap, to Evernote No , seriously ! - All you need to do is enter your Evernote email and you everything is setup.

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You should Download push to email now to start saving your favorite news stories in everywhere for Free , the first 5 Stories are free , this gives you time to try the app before buying any additional credit.

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