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qicr lite IRC client beta

qicr lite IRC client beta

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

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An update?! Say what?! It's about time!

* Widgets for Android 3.0 and up! Open as many channels as you want at the same time, from the home screen, multitask with ease! (Experimental)
* Android 4.1 and up: Chat without leaving your current app, choose 'Chat' from the notification! Tons of awesome

So many changes and improvements, give it a shot, this is totally worth your time!

This is still an early beta/alpha as it's not feature-complete. Please be sure to submit all Force Close errors.

chat about qicr on

Please report any issues and feedback via github, IRC or email, comments are not always monitored and cannot be addressed.

Known Issues:

* Sometimes a channel stops sending/receiving output (please help in reproducing/diagnosing) -- possibly server disconnects without actually being reflected in UI
* No way to cancel connecting (can change the icon to say disconnect, but it doesn't stop)
* Rotating the device while on the add server dialog will clear the dialog and lose information that has not been saved
* Server Add/Edit dialog does not render well when switching day/night modes

* Fast
* Nick colors (nicks are randomly assigned 1 of 10 colors to easily follow conversations)
* Unified, modern UI on Android 2.2 and up
* Lag timer (periodically ping self to determine connection lag; on servers tab)
* Configurable quad-mode channel navigation: swipe between all channels no matter the mode, choice of tabbed UI, a drop down menu in the actionbar, or drawer menu that slides in from the left.
* CTCP commands, including /ping
* SSL support
* BNC support (znc tested)
* Raw command support (/raw)
* Multiple-servers single-view
* Swipe and tab between channels
* Nick completion = search button (multi-tap capable)
* Full Honeycomb and ICS (phone and tablet) optimization
* Full external keyboard support on Android 3.0+ (ALT-1 through ALT-0 and ALT-Q through ALT-P = Tabs 1 through 20; CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB = forward and back tabs)
* /help for a list of implemented commands
* Speech recognition support, press the button and end a sentence with "over" to automatically send. Say "clear line" to erase the text area.
* New message notifications
* Monospaced font (DejaVuSansMono for pre-ICS) for proper text alignment.
* Nick colors

Future features:
* Last read line marker
* Zebra-striping messages
* Font size customization
* Notification customization (ringtone and led color)
* Configurable command char (default /)
* SASL support (depending on demand)
* Scripting support (javascript; depending on demand)
* More /commands (/ping, /whois, /topic, /kick, /mode, etc.)
* irc:// URL protocol support (depending on demand)
* Implement support
* IRC logs (do people really want this? 5-star show of hands ;-))
* Channel owner and super-op flags (for rizon, & and ~)
* DCC support, depending on demand

* Written in Scala, not Java
* Open sourced on github (

Beta, Lite and Premium details:
This is currently an early beta, bugs are present and features are still missing. Loyal beta users will be upgraded to the premium version automatically (in app) will require a google account authorization when it becomes ready (oauth to an appengine site). Once qicr lite leaves beta, it will be restricted to 3 open tabs or tabs can be unrestricted if one wishes to see ads. The premium version will be sold as a separate app. In addition to all of this, the app itself will be open-sourced, so those too cheap to pay for a Premium version can build it for themselves.

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Recently changed in this version

require a comment when submitting logs
fix 600dp tablet landscape layout
fix more crash bugs (tablet server fragment stuff)
fix some crashing bugs
add acra crash reporting
use a new layout engine (no xml)
fix some widget crashes
fully beautiful on KitKat
hide keyboard on scrolling/drawers
launch full irc client when tapping on chat window icon

Comments and ratings for qicr lite IRC client beta
  • (64 stars)

    by Adam Dawson on 06/12/2013

    Would love to see this app be developed a bit more, it has potential. The only issues I've had so far is with an issue where sometimes after closing and reopening, room text is invisible and that the highlight query only seems to capture highlights from one room, not multiple. Working through RizonBNC.

  • (64 stars)

    by Colin Murphy on 28/11/2013

    I like this irc client, just I wish it had a better channel list like that of andchat's. Otherwise, nice irc client. Works well with znc.

  • (64 stars)

    by Trevor Sayre on 19/11/2013

    Powerful, stable, and yet still lightweight, this is the best IRC client I've used for Android after trying about a dozen for a week each

  • (64 stars)

    by Matthew Gregg on 18/11/2013

    Doesn't seem to work with multiple servers behind ZNC. Updated... With a quick developer response, I tried using user/service instead of, user then user/service:password and was able to connect using ZNC.

  • (64 stars)

    by mokkorista on 08/11/2013

    Simply doesn't work. When I tried to add a new server, Rizon, the program kept asking for something even though I filled correctly, at least I think it was correct, everything.

  • (64 stars)

    by Richard Patton on 22/10/2013

    My only issue is that it would be nice if the user list was a bit more obvious, I only discovered it by accident after giving up searching for one (Swipe from the right edge of the screen on there text input bar for anyone wondering). That and it sometimes doesn't appear in the open apps list.

  • (64 stars)

    by David P on 08/10/2013

    Fantastic. I love the multitasking functionalities. Only quirk is that the widget, at least, doesn't display when users quit. A userlist would also beautiful.