QUICK ENCRYPT for emails, etc.



Quick and easy encryption of any text. HOWEVER THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THIS CODE CANNOT BE CRACKED BY THE NSA, ETC. Enter a random password (the more random the better) in the top box. Enter your plain text to be encoded using the entered password as the encryption key in the 2nd box. Now click the ENCODE BUTTON to encrypt the plain text in the 2nd box. The encrypted cipher code will appear in the 3rd box. Click the DECODE BUTTON to decrypt the cipher code in the 3rd box. The decrypted cipher code will now appear in the bottom box as plain text. Click the middle button CLICK TO RESET ALL BOXES TO BLANK to clear all boxes. Normally, for a 'one time pad' type of crypto passwords should never be reused but since the plain text length is part of the encryption algorithm it may be safe to reuse the passwords.

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