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Radio Reconnect is a simply programm that has one function: disable and then enable mobile network connection. Work of other services like Wi-Fi or bluetooth not interrupted.

It will be useful when data connection are not connecting. If before you used airplane mode to fix this problem, now it is easy to fix by run Radio Reconnect.

Program has no windows and working in background. When all operations are completed (about 10 seconds), program closes automatically.

!For Android 2.3 and late programm requires root.

Note for Android 2.3 and late: During automatical install in system/app an error may occur. Dont worry about this, just uninstall application and restart your device. Program will appear in menu.

Note 2 for Android 2.3 and late (manual install as system):
If you have troubles with automatically install application to system app folder, please use this instructions:
1) Install Radio Reconnect from Android Market
2) Find Radio Reconnect apk file in /data/app/ (using Root Explorer and etc)
3) Copy apk file to SD card
4) Remove Radio Reconnect from device
5) Remount system partion for read and write (using Root Explorer, Terminal with command "mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system" or using ADB "remount" command)
6) Copy apk file from SD card to /system/app (using Root Explorer and etc)
7) Restart your device

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