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Rchat - Talk to Strangers lets you chat and meet complete strangers on your device

  • Can chat right away
  • No search options
  • No advanced chat features

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"Talk to complete strangers in just a few taps"


If out of the blue, you feel like chatting with a complete stranger, or looking to make a new friend, Rchat – Talk To Strangers lets you start up an anonymous one-to-one conversation with anyone without having to sacrifice your privacy, unless you choose to. You can share images and information with the people that you talk with. Rchat also allows you to personalize this app by choosing from different themes and backgrounds.


Rchat is absolutely free to use and chatting with complete strangers is done rather quickly in less than a few minutes. You don´t need to register for an account to start chatting.


Because Rchat takes care of who you´ll talk to, there are no options to search for a specific type of person, along with the lack of advanced configuration options. Chatting options are also too basic.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 10, 2015

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