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Remote Control Relay is universal app for controlling all kinds network SNMP relay boards.
It works with same devices that using the SNMP protocol for the communication. Open or Close home's Windows, simply when your are at work place ! (just using your mobile phone, internet connection and a relay board)

It is tested with the device: IP controller (DAEnetIP2) and 8 Output Channel Relay Board (DAE-RB/Ro8-12V) Denkovi

With this application is possible to controller any relay in the Relay Board wired in local network or public network.

Control your relay directly with the Voice Commands System.

Example of use :

Security and fire alarm systems
Manual or automatic device restart if event occur
Management/monitoring for industrial
Sensor information processing
Remote electrical devices control
Remote lock/unlock doors
Home automation
Open Close Curtains
Open Close Windows
Turn on Turn off Tv Television
Turn on Turn off lights
Turn on Turn off spot
Turn on Turn off electric blanket

The best app for
Home automation (also called domotics) and building automation.

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Warning : this application works in coupling with yours device SNMP relay !

Information: The Relay Board has a web server on Board
it is a simple plc system
analog input for reading analog sensors

Warning: for your security, Use this application only when you are in the same environment of the device .

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