RescuePhone SOS App with Panic Button
also for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing impaired

Push the alarm button, this will automatically send your location with a situation picture,and then speak with the Rescuephone A.R.C (Alarm Receiving Centre).

By pushing the SOS button on the App, the A.R.C. operator will be able to:

. See where you are
. Monitor and record what is taking place
. See your medical record
. See your ICE Data and three contacts
. Analyze your situation photo

Because your location is instantly visible, the A.R.C. can send the right assistance to you, even if there is no voice contact possible.

[Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing] HEARING IMPAIRED
Using the built-in, intuitive to use, icons and the text-message-box, the hearing impaired can communicate visually with the A.R.C. This option is also applicable for a silent alarm in situations when it is not possible to speak.

RescuePhone SOS-App features

ICE-In case of emergency
This feature has the option to store your medical and contact information. Data that can be crucial if you are no longer responding. Emergency services can use the App on your device for your medical information, make the right decisions, and see which of your three contacts should be warned.

Rescuephone A.R.C. service
For the RescuePhone App, you need to purchase “credit(s)“. This can be used for 1 time, 5 times or 12 times, if needed. CREDITS DO NOT EXPIRE.

Situation Picture
With each SOS message sent to the A.R.C., the app has the option to automatically add a situation picture, and alert your pre-programmed email- addresses.

SOS-App works on purchased credits. A credit is not a subscription. 1 credit is 1 call to the A.R.C. You can buy additional credits at all times.

Credit RescuePhone - A.R.C 

Bronze: € 0.89 credit for 1 time SOS call

Silver: € 4.49 credit for 5 times SOS call

Gold: € 8.99 credit for 12 times SOS call

Please note:
Register to create a medical profile on your smartphone. Your data remains on your device and is only sent with an SOS call. Install the App on the HOME page of your smartphone. 
RESCUEPHONE. NL BV is not liable for the correct configuration of your device. Check if your settings/location services of the RP-App are activated.

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