RokaCom: Secure Calls and Txt



RokaCom provides secure voice calls along with encrypted text communications for people around the world. Now whereever you are in the world you can have private and reliable conversations. With our global network of nodes, RokaCom finds the closest server so that you experience the best quality audio and video conversations possible.

Want to have a ZRTP client? Why not use RokaCom and skip setting up your own server!

** You must have an active paid account with RokaCom ( in order to use the app.

To sign up for the RokaCom service simply download the app and click on SIGNUP or for more information please visit :

Stop letting them listen in on your private conversations and start taking your right to privacy back!

* Easy to use - Works just like your normal phone.
* Affordable for any budget
* Offline Notification
* Secure End-To-End Encryption between callers.
* Voice Calls.
* Chat / Text messaging that can only be decrypted at the other device.
* Uses ZRTP for audio calls, and GPG for messaging and file transfer.
* Encryption Keys generated on the mobile devices prevents anyone (including RokaCom Servers) from decrypting your conversations.
* Self contained contact management
* Contacts will sync across all your devices
* Global Network for amazing low latency calls
* Purpose built for global use.

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