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*** New in Version 1.1 ***
Version 1.1 offers the ability to unlock all the features of the full Safe and Sound by earning "Unlock Points" in a similar way to how you might earn currency in some games. Currently you need 30 Unlock Points to fully unlock Safe and Sound Lite but this may change depending on feedback. It's experimental at this stage and I'd appreciate feedback on how it's working, just click the "Email Developer" button to send me mail!

Safe and Sound Lite is a location based automatic messaging utility.

If you've ever told someone that'll you'll let them know when you arrive safely at you destination but for one reason or another you forget then Safe and Sound Lite could be the tool to help you out and appease worried family and friends!

Simply search for you destination address, select the people you want to message when you arrive, compose a quick message and click "Start".

Safe and Sound Lite will track your location and compare where you are to where you are going. When you get close enough to your destination Safe and Sound will send your composed message to your selected recipients letting them know you've arrived... "Safe and Sound"!

Safe and Sound could be the perfect utility for you if you have friends and family of a worrying disposition!

Searching for your destination
If you get a message telling you that Safe and Sound cannot find your address, make sure you have an active data connection and try searching again. This search uses a Google service to match your address and sometimes it can be busy or time out.

A Note on GPS Functionality

Safe and Sound Lite's functionality is dependent on your device's ability to achieve a suitable GPS location fix. Make sure you have your device's GPS options enabled (System Settings > Location Services)

In Safe and Sound Lite the minimum GPS accuracy is fixed at 100m, this means that Safe and Sound Lite will only use an updated location from your GPS hardware if it has an accuracy of at least 100m and will send your message when you are roughly 100m from your destination.

Safe and Sound Lite will try to update your location every 5mins.

If you arrive at your destination between location updates you can stop location tracking prematurely, Safe and Sound will give you the option to send your message anyway.

If you like Safe and Sound Lite you might want to upgrade to Safe and Sound: - Safe and Sound offers additional features like the ability to maintain a list of favorite locations and some battery saving options for GPS usage like turning GPS tracking off between updates and changing the frequency of location updates.

You can also unlock all the features from Safe and Sound by earning Unlock Points - this only needs to be done once per install and will enable all the features which are included in the full version of Safe and Sound.


If you have any issues with Safe and Sound Lite, or if you have any suggestions or feedback please contact

Thanks for taking the time to look at Safe and Sound Lite!

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