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Like my other application, CarbonTXT, I've just made Safe and Sound free. I'm back at uni and I don't have the time to do further development on this right now, maybe between semesters.

If you use the lite version, swap to this one, it will remain ad free and if I do make any changes, this is the only version that will get them. Thanks All!

Safe and Sound is a location based automatic messaging utility.

If you've ever told someone that'll you'll let them know when you arrive safely at you destination but for one reason or another you forget then Safe and Sound could be the tool to help you out and appease worried family and friends!

Simply search for you destination address, select the people you want to message when you arrive, compose a quick message and click "Start".

Safe and Sound will track your location and compare where you are to where you are going. When you get close enough to your destination Safe and Sound will send your composed message to your selected recipients letting them know you've arrived... "Safe and Sound"!

Safe and Sound could be the perfect utility for you if you have friends and family of a worrying disposition!

Safe and Sound also lets you maintain a favorites list of locations so you don't have to search for your destination every time, simply pick it out of your favorites list.

Searching for your destination
If you get a message telling you that Safe and Sound cannot find your address, make sure you have an active data connection and try searching again. This search uses a Google service to match your address and sometimes it can be busy or time out.

GPS Functionality

Safe and Sound's functionality is dependent on your device's ability to achieve a suitable GPS location fix. Make sure you have your device's GPS options enabled (System Settings > Location Services)

If you have problems getting Safe and Sound to recognize your location, try increasing the minimum desired GPS accuracy in the Settings screen, by default this is set to 100m. This setting affects both the minimum accuracy Safe and Sound will accept from you devices GPS hardware and also the acceptable proximity to your destination before Safe and Sound will send your message.

GPS usage can be heavy on the battery of your device so Safe and Sound includes options to limit how often it checks your location and whether or not the GPS connection is maintained between checks. To save on battery usage, uncheck the "Keep GPS Alive" option in settings and increase the time between location checks.

If you arrive at your destination between location updates you can stop location tracking prematurely, Safe and Sound will give you the option to send your message anyway.

Safe and Sound Lite

If you want to check out the basics of Safe and Sound try Safe and Sound Lite at: - It's fully functional but lacks the ability to generate a favorites list or configure the GPS settings mentioned above.


If you have any issues with Safe and Sound or you have any suggestions or feedback please email

Thanks for taking the time to look at Safe and Sound!

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