Your Personal and Health safety app which lets you read health and personal safety related news. It allows user to create account so all the user data is shared between all your android devices.

1) User can add maximum of three guardians to whom user can call and send location messages.
2) User can share his/her location via various medium like Facebook, Twitter, Email,etc.
3) User can view his/her profile in the app.
4) User can find nearby places like restaurants, movie theaters, Universities, Hotels, etc and can share the check-in to friends and relatives.
5) User can post Facebook status update from the app itself.
6) User can see all the friends and relatives using the SafeOrbit app.
7) User can read health and safety related news and can can even share them.

Coming soon !!

1) User can share his/her live location via SafeOrbit app.
2) SafeOrbit will allow nearby friends to be informed to reach out in case of an emergency situation (configurable).

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