SafeText is a text answering app that automatically and safely (hands and eyes-free) responds to text messages received with a text message you have previously chosen or created for a situation or activity where texting would be dangerous, prohibited, legally restricted, or otherwise inappropriate or inconvenient; for example while driving, in a meeting, or during class. Messages received are read aloud and you can include your location in the response you send. Messages containing abbreviations, texting symbols, or code words you have defined can be expanded to their full text equivalent while being read aloud – BFF can be spoken as best friends forever. You can choose to exclude or include sending text responses to particular individuals selected from your contacts list or entered directly into the number (and name) list. While the messages received are being read aloud, names will be substituted for the phone numbers if names are entered with the numbers.

Messages received while SafeText is running in the background (phone's display off) will be responded to as they are received, and will be read aloud. All text messages received will remain in your phone's Messaging inbox until you delete them.

All entries and updates to your response message list, exclude/include number list, and expand text list are saved while SafeText is running and will be available the next time the SafeText app runs even if it is not closed normally using the Close button.

SafeText requires a text-to-speech engine on the phone. Look in Settings>Voice Input & Output>Text-to-speech Settings. If Pico TTS is listed that will work. If Pico TTS or some other TTS app is not on your phone you will need to download and install the free text-to-speech app TTS Expanded Service (tts_3.1_market.apk) from . Once installed, you can select the language (English US or UK, Spanish Italian, German, or French) and desired speaking speed (from very slow to very fast) by opening the TTS app. The TTS Extended Service app can be downloaded, installed, and used even if the Pico TTS app is already on the phone.

The free trial versions, SafeText_Trial and SafeText_Trial_SP (Spanish Version) have a limited capability to save response messages you create (3), phone numbers and names in saved in the numbers list (3), and storage for the list of abbreviations and symbols to be expanded (5) when the received message is read aloud. The trial versions do not have the capability to send any location information. If Send Location is checked, your location will always be reported in the response message as unknown at the time Send Location was last selected. Except for these limitations, the trial version is fully functional.

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