SandroB for 2.2




If you get crash on initial loading
you should try other versions of SandroB.
There is one more for 2.2 and two for 2.3.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

-support for authentication to proxy/web server
(NTLM/Basic/Digest) ISA proxy, SharePoint
-Download Manager
-added support for SSL Client Certificates
-multiple SSL sessions to different hostname:port
-doesn't use global keystore
it uses local (in memory) until application is terminated
after keystore is created pfx file can be removed
-option to store certificate in local database
-can be used also without client certificate to access SSL
sites that has selfsigned or untrusted server certificates
-custom proxy can be set in browser settings
-port of native android browser
-working Flash
-SVG rendering
-animated GIF's

How to use it:

Just input https url and pop-up will appear
asking you for certificate file and password.
If pop-up don't show up change
Menu->Settings->SSL dialog only on errors = OFF
When you are done click on Menu->Clear to invalidate SSL

You should remove cert file after not needed any more.
It is not safe that you have it on the phone all the time.
Almost every process has access to SD_storage/your_cert_file
note: thnx for feedback, you can also report to

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