Have you ever forgot to wish happy birthday to your loved ones? Are you tired of thinking to yourself “I have to send that important email tomorrow morning“, and then forget all about it? Do you constantly say “Let’s have a drink, I’ll text you when I leave work“, and then find yourself alone at home because you never sent the message?
    Never again, with Schedalls!

    Schedalls is an application that allows you to schedule the way you communicate, so that you’ll never forget to send that important message.


    * This application DOES NOT WORK properly if installed on the external storage card. If you're experiencing failed messages or disappearing schedules please move it to the internal phone memory.
    * Remember that WE CAN'T ANSWER COMMENTS. If you have a problem or want to suggest a feature, please send us an email. We try to answer every email we receive and we'll be happy to hear from you :)
    * Please consider to exclude this app from Task Killers.


    We have been taking into consideration the suggestions you have left on the comments. The features we're currently working on are:
    * Final improvements on the Email plugin
    * Configure and schedule messages for groups
    * Translations

    The features already implemented in Schedalls are and always will be free of charge. For some of the new features we're working on (namely the plugins) we may ask you to pay us a beer (alcohol is a requirement for improving our programming skills).


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