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    *** In this application , rooted is needed. ***

    Your Android terminal is made http server that can make/browse the Screen Shot.

    Please specify IP address and the port listened from (PC)browser.

    Operation in a local network environment is recommended though it is possible to operate even on a global network.

    From a browser

    [Create] button. Making and display of screen shot
    [Start] button. Making and display of screen shot is continued every about five seconds.

    The cache of the screen shot is made for '/sdcard/_screenshot/' folder.
    It is also possible to delete cash when starting.

    The selection of frame buffer
    Default is ARGB.
    Please select RGB when the size of the terminal display is small and it is not displayed well.

    The preview screen under starting of a camera can also be saved.
    == Usage ==
    [Start] The screenshot server is started by a set content
    [Stop] The server is stopped.
    [ListenPort] The port where the server does listen is set.
    [FrameBuffer] A frame buffer is set up. Please choose RGB, when the screen of a terminal is small.
    [Start On Boot] Application server to be started at boot time
    [Deleteion of cache on start] Cash is deleted at the time of starting.

    [Clear]The log is cleared.

    [On] It makes it to wifi on.
    [Off] It makes it to wifi off.

    [Start] Surrounding wifi is scanned and displayed.
    [Stop] The scanning is made off.

    [Exit] The application program is canceled.

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