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    Sensalarm is an extremely user friendly personal alarm application, targetted for especially elder people, disabaled people and children (their parents).

    The purpose is to be a much lower cost alternative to traditional GPS alarms, and benefit on several extra features available when using a smart phone.


    - Two different alarm levels activated by pushing a button on the screen. Urgent Alarm is only used when the user is in danger and needs instant help. Secondary Alarm can be used in all other situations.

    - Two different alarm SMS messages dependending on the alarm level. Both including the actual location of the user.
    Sent as a direct link to Google Maps.

    - Two different sets of contacts to receive the SMS. Up to 5 contacts can be added in each set.

    - Hybrid location detection. If GPS coordinates are not available, or the GPS is turned off, then the app will use the cell phone network to obtain an approximate location imidiately. This means that the app will also work inside buildings, tunnels etc.

    - Language is automatically set to the one generally used on the phone. Currently it is limited to english for all other languages but danish.

    - 4 speed-dial buttons with pictures of the contact persons. Ideal for people with poor vision or reading difficulties

    - Automatic triggering of the secondary alarm when the users position changes more than +/- 100 m. Ideal for tracking children or demented people walking on their own etc. This feature can be enabled / disabled

    - Includes a widget with alarm buttons and 4 speed-dial buttons. So that alarm can be operated directly from the main screen of the smart phone, without starting the app.

    - When an a alarm is triggered the app can be set up to call the first contact person on the list, after having sent out the SMS messaages with location etc. Thereby the user can talk directly to the receiver, without handling the phone, by using the loudspeaker.

    - A special alarm mesaage is sent for each type of triggering of the alarm.

    - Alarm can be activated if the user (the phone) have not moved in a specified amount of hours. In that way it can work as a deadmans alarm.

    - Alarm can be activated if the user (the phone) falls to the ground

    - The secondary alarm can be activated if the battery capacity on the phone i low, and it needs to recharge. In that way the receivers can make sure that the users phone is always charged and ready to be used.

    - Beside of sending alarm mesages and calls to other phones, the app can also send an alarm call to a Tunstall(TM) alarm central. Making it directly compatible with an alarm central that is widely used in the eldercare sector.

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