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Finally the 5-star polling app from the iPhone and iPad comes to Android!

"Addicted! It's the only app I constantly use."
"An absolute must-have for anyone who's interested in ANYTHING!"
"Great conversation starter!"
"New favorite!"
"Great app. love the fact that it adds new questions every day. u NEED this app"
"This app is the best free one I've downloaded."

Show of Hands is an easy-to-use real-time ANONYMOUS polling application for the Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Poll topics include politics, ethics, pop-culture, sports, parenting, health, humor...whatever seems interesting. Two or three new questions are added daily, and make for great dinner table discussion topics! I do my best to keep poll questions unbiased, and don't use any of the info for commercial purposes. I'm not a faceless mega-corp...just a dude who runs this little home-grown polling service as a public service, a personal hobby, and a way to settle arguments with my wife.

Our goal is to have as balanced a group of voters as we can muster. We are also 100% transparent with the breakdown of voter demographics with every single poll. Show of Hands voters are currently self-reporting to be in the following groups:

~ 61% male
~ 39% female

~ 40% republican
~ 35% democrat
~ 25% independent

If you are one of the under-represented groups, please please please download Show of Hands and weigh in!

- Should judges be elected or appointed?
- Do you think you more patriotic than the average American, or less?
- On the whole, is technology making us smarter or dumber?
- Which party are you more likely to vote for in the November 2010 election?
- Are you in favor of Federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research?
- If city-wide video surveillance eliminated 75% of public crimes, would the privacy trade-off be worth it?
- Which would make you happier: Lebron James signs with your local team, or someone walks in the door right now and hands you your favorite sandwich?
- Which would be easier for you: to go a week without speaking or a week without using any electronics?"
- Would you willingly give your life for your country?
- Do you approve of President Obama's job performance?

After answering each a/b question, you will immediately see the current results of the poll question within your state and nationally, as well be able to view a "red/blue" national map displaying the leading result in every state in the country - just like election night! You can also filter poll results by gender, political party, age, or income range. Wanna know how men's opinion on a question differs from women's, or Republicans from Democrats, or rich folk from po' folk, or teenagers from boomers? Easy!

Facebook integration? poll suggestions from you? contact info for your beloved representatives in Congress? User commenting? Check, check, check, and check.

Last but not least: I know that many people have legit concerns about privacy and the potential abuse of their personal data. Please keep in mind though, I have no idea who SoH users are, other than that they are significantly better looking and smarter than the general population. Registering and voting through Show of Hands happens without the collection any personally identifiable information - not even e-mail address - so your profile and voting data is not traceable to you. Also, all SoH voting data is being used for nothing other than to show you aggregate poll results. I don't use it to drive creepy personalized advertisements, sell it to Homeland Security, or print it up and knit a sweater for my dog with it.

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Comments and ratings for Show of Hands
  • (69 stars)

    by Holly Johnson on 12/04/2014

    I still love using it.

  • (69 stars)

    by Josh B on 04/04/2014

    Fun app and very addicting. Started using it on the iPhone which was great and then ditched the fruit for a Droid and was glad it was supported. The app is missing some of the features that iOS has but still a great app. Update: It's grown into a profi

  • (69 stars)

    by Albert Valdés on 24/03/2014

    Keeps getting better.

  • (69 stars)

    by Gaetan VanGyseghem on 22/03/2014

    This is a very good app with a wonderful community. You get great discussions with people who are by and large very respectful. I couldn't give this a strong enough recommendation. Also, the creator/administrator is very active and helpful, and goes out

  • (69 stars)

    by Kathleen Matejcak on 22/03/2014

    This is hands down (pun intended) the best app I have. Very interactive and with a great community feel to it. You will never be bored!

  • (69 stars)

    by Kyle Lucchese on 22/03/2014

    I've been an active Show of Hands user since January 2011. Through my usage of it, I have come to more fully understand and appreciate views which differ from my own. The ability to debate others is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the app. Picking

  • (69 stars)

    by Nadia Faye on 22/03/2014

    SOH is an app that allows you to anonymously share your opinion. You can also learn what people generally think about any subject you please. You can debate topics that you are passionate about or just sit in the sidelines. I got this app to answer poll q