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Tired of your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/mother bothering you with a text everyday? Do you just wish you could leave your phone at home while you run to the store, so that they don't get upset with you for not texting them back immediately? Do you hate being woken up by a call because they texted you while you were taking a nap and you didn't respond?

With the Significant Other Pleaser you can end all of that! With this program, once you set your Significant Other's phone number, you can take a nap for a predetermined amount of time, or just hit a button and start napping. While the service is running if they text you it will automatically respond within 1-7 minutes with a configurable response of why you cannot respond to them.

Also, through the Daily Affirmation feature, you can set up so they receive a text message from you every day, or whatever days you choose, at a random time within a time range you choose. These texts are also configurable and randomized. Now you can let them know you are thinking about them, without even thinking about it!

Tags: hate when you text someone and they dont bother texting back , girlfriend and boyfriend sigs , texts to get your girl back