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    SK NotifyMe™ provides church members with continuous, “on-the-go” access to receive messages of all kinds from their churches which use the popular Servant Keeper™ church management software, the Servant Keeper Notify™ web-based software system, and (optionally) the Servant Keeper Notify™ (also known as: SK Notify™) Mobile App.

    SK NotifyMe™ serves as a “private inbox” or “digital file cabinet” for church-goers to receive messages from their church or ministry leaders. No one else can send messages to this App!

    • Messages are delivered directly to the SK NotifyMe™ App and are therefore “set apart” from the many other email messages that typically fill one’s regular email inbox each day.
    • Messages are received faster because innovative “push” technology delivers them right to the recipient’s iPhone, iTouch, or iPad device ASAP.
    • Messages are read, heard, and viewed faster because recipients are “alerted” when new message content is available from their church in the SK NotifyMe™ App.
    • Faster message delivery and viewing by recipients helps ensure that message senders no longer have to simply “wait and hope” that recipients will notice and read their often urgent communications in the timely manner intended.
    • Since messages received in SK NotifyMe™ actually reside on the recipient’s iPhone, iTouch or iPad – true “message mobility” can be experienced! Written messages can be read, audio messages can be heard, and video messages can be viewed without the need to be continuously connected to the internet!

    IMPORTANT: This application works in conjunction with the Servant Keeper™ Church Management Software and the Servant Keeper Notify™ rapid alert and communication system and will not work without it. Your church must be using these two software products to be able to send messages to the SK NotifyMe™ Mobile App. Your use of this application also requires a valid NotifyMe™ license. If your church uses the above-mentioned, required software products, you should contact your church directly to receive your SK NotifyMe™ license which will contain your User ID and Password for accessing this application. For more information about Servant Keeper™ Church Management Software or the Servant Keeper Notify™ software system, please visit:, or contact Servant PC Resources, Inc. at: 800-773-7570.

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