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Smart Device Manager is an app that runs on the “child” phone in order to power two family safety services on the Sprint Network, Drive First and Mobile Controls. These services allow parents to automatically lock a phone when driving or to prevent phone usage during school hours.


The features of the Smart Device Manager app only become active if you sign up for one of these services. A parent can shut off these services at any time.


Smart Device Manager is pre-installed on phones to facilitate sign-up for Sprint Drive First and Sprint Mobile Controls (so that a parent doesn’t need to grab a child’s phone and manually install software). Like other apps that come pre-installed on your phone, Smart Device Manager cannot be uninstalled.

The app is designed to be as small and impact-free as possible. Unless you sign up for Sprint Drive First or Sprint Mobile Controls, Smart Device Manager will not consume battery, memory, or any other phone resources. It’s only 600kb in size (about the same size as a wallpaper image that comes pre-installed on your phone).


From time to time, we update Smart Device Manager to improve the experience for Drive First and Mobile Controls customers. If you are not a subscriber to one of these services, the app should not need to update, but recent Google changes (from Android Market to Google Play) have unintentionally triggered these updates. We are working with Google to address this.

In the meantime, if you do not want to update, it’s OK to simply clear the notification and ignore the update request. If you update the app, it will not subscribe you to any of these services, and the notification to update will disappear. We apologize for the inconvenience.


If you have any questions about Smart Device Manger, Sprint Drive First or Sprint Mobile Controls, please contact


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