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Smart Receiver is very useful time saving app that gives you complete control over when you receive, reject or miss calls / SMS. It gives your caller good feel factor and satisfaction that you will get back to them. A must have app for someone who has to attend lots of calls every day from clients, friends etc. It is a very useful app for busy lifestyle and helps while sleeping, driving; phone is in pocket etc.
Feel free to try our app and ask for full refund in less than 24 hours of your purchase if you don't find it useful.

* Speaks caller ID details, caller name (if phone number is stored in contacts) or phone number, when the phone RINGS or you receive SMS, even when you are on another call.
*It can Automatically reply to the caller by sending a message back saving your valuable time if you are busy and reject or miss a call.
OR quickly choose a message from message templates
*Can Speak message text.
*Highly customizable easy to use app. Choose as per your style and preference. You can configure it to speak for all calls, calls from contacts only, unknown contacts etc
*Customize message, which it speaks
*customize on basis of ringer mode
*Shake phone to stop ringing and speaking
*Start or stop whole app with a single click of button
Other features: Black List contacts, Mute Ringtone, message prefix and postfix, control Speech speed and pitch, Alias Names (for special contacts), share with friends etc.

SMS Modes
*Automatic: Automatically sends SMS message to the caller when you reject or miss their call. You can also set customized SMS message for each contact in your phone book separately if you want.
* Manual (Default Mode): Shows pop-up automatically to send SMS when you reject or miss the call.
* Choose from message templates in pop-up or quickly type one
* Configurable message templates
*customize for which type of contacts it should show the popup. i.e. contacts in phonebook, unknown contacts etc.
For any bugs, feedback/feature request, please contact us.
Please write a helpful review on android market.

Permissions explained:
Read phone State: to intercept the phone number of incoming calls.
Send SMS: to send SMS to the caller.
Read Contacts: to identify if caller exists in your phone book contacts.
Modify Audio Settings: for Speech Settings to speak in different ringer modes
*Please write a useful review for other users. For any problems please contact us
*Please uninstall free version of Smart Receiver before using Pro Version
Our proud users really like the app. If you face any problems, please contact us and give one opportunity to help you before posting an unhelpful review.

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