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SMART (Send My Auto Response Text) allows you to respond automatically to incoming texts. It is a simple, to the point app that takes the hassle out of auto response systems.

We've kept SMART simple.

1. Open the SMART app.
2. Click the button at the top that says OFF: Click to Activate
3. That's it!

To stop the SMART system, simply click the button at the top that now says 'On: Click to Deactivate'.

The SMART Widget: When placed on your home screen, this widget will allow you to turn the SMART system on and off with just one touch. It will respond with the last message set.

Any incoming texts will receive the set response. You can change this response by selecting Modify Response from the main screen. Choose from one of the default responses or create and save your own customized response.

Calls will still come through, which makes it great for use with hands free devices. The ringer however, will be silenced.


- If you're unavailable to text, but are accessible through another method (phone, email, etc), specify this in your Response text.

- Set it before you drive. As simple as one click (widget) and you're good to go. Safely.

- Set, save and edit your responses to tailor fit the situation. Going to a concert? Trying a new restaurant? Now you can let your friends know what you're up to without having to distract yourself with responding to their texts.

NOTE: Do not text or modify this app while driving.

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