SMS Bulk Marketing Campaign



"THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL MOBILE TO MOBILE NEW MARKETING TOOL" This application doesn't need mobile numbers,it generate them automatically.
Text Message Marketing is 5 times more effective than direct mail. Join the thousands of businesses that have began using SMS marketing to reach customers and increase sales .
This application allows you to send thousands of SMS in few seconds to a wide range of customers.
You don't need to have mobile numbers, what you need is just a sound Marketing message and a very small budget as little as the cost of SMS message.
SMS marketing is a fast growing means of communicating with your customer base. SMS’s have excellent cut through as most people read their SMS messages ( in fact I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t!).
Why Use Mobile Marketing? Because your competitors are! and If they do it they got benefit from it.
Every day more companies are starting to use the vast array of mobile marketing options to communicate key messages with their customers. We are helping more local and national businesses with their mobile marketing requirements on a daily basis.
Very often Mobile networks gives you hundreds of free SMS in very short time or for a very small cost, So why you lose like that opportunities. When you are using this application with a promotion by your mobile carrier make sure to subscribe first to the carrier promotion before starting sending SMS.
This app is a powerful tool of mobile to mobile Marketing, you should know how to exploit it wisely, by choosing, right words and right time, and you will be astonished by the results.
Now move to action just write down a mobile number , the number of SMS recipients and a good text message and the app will do the rest, it will increment by one the number that you entered until it reach the number of recipients that you determined.
What do you think about it worth a million dollar! Isn't it? No! its for just 0.99 USD . so Run your campaign unlock your way to success, boost your turnover! enhance your notoriety!
Run your campaign and unlock your way to success! Good Luck.
Message Texte marketing est 5 fois plus efficace que le publipostage. Rejoignez les milliers d'entreprises qui ont commencé à utiliser le marketing par SMS pour atteindre les clients et augmenter les ventes.
Cette application vous permet d'envoyer des milliers de SMS en quelques secondes à un large éventail de clients.
Vous n'avez pas besoin d'avoir des numéros mobiles, ce que vous avez besoin est juste un message de marketing sonore et un très petit budget aussi faible que le coût des SMS.
Text Message Marketing es 5 veces más efectivo que el correo directo. Únete a las miles de empresas que han comenzado con la comercialización de SMS para llegar a los clientes y aumentar las ventas.
Esta aplicación te permite enviar miles de SMS en pocos segundos a una amplia gama de clientes.
Usted no necesita tener números móviles, lo que necesita es sólo un mensaje de marketing de sonido y un presupuesto muy pequeño tan sólo el costo de mensaje SMS.
نص رسالة التسويق هو 5 مرات أكثر فعالية من البريد المباشر. SMS للوصول إلى الزبائن وزيادة المبيعات.
هذا التطبيق يسمح لك بإرسال الآلاف من الرسائل القصيرة في بضع ثوان لمجموعة واسعة من العملاء.
أنت لا تحتاج أن يكون أرقام الهواتف النقالة، ما تحتاج إليه هو مجرد رسالة التسويق سليمة وميزانية صغيرة جدا اقل من تكلفة رسالة قصيرة.
문자 메시지 마케팅은 다이렉트 메일보다 5 배 효과적입니다. 고객과 매출 증가에 도달하는 SMS 마케팅을 사용하기 시작했습니다 기업의 수천에 가입하세요.
이 응용 프로그램은 고객의 다양한 몇 초 SMS의 수천을 보낼 수 있습니다.

Mesej Teks Pemasaran adalah 5 kali lebih berkesan daripada mel langsung. Sertai beribu-ribu perniagaan yang telah mula menggunakan pemasaran SMS untuk mencapai pelanggan dan meningkatkan jualan.
Aplikasi ini membolehkan anda untuk menghantar beribu-ribu SMS dalam beberapa saat untuk pelbagai pelanggan.
Anda tidak perlu mempunyai nombor telefon bimbit, apa yang anda perlukan hanyalah satu mesej Pemasaran bunyi dan bajet yang sangat kecil serendah kos mesej SMS.