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This application allows rules to be configured to automatically send a custom reply to incoming SMS messages. Rules can be set-up based on any combination of 1) Incoming phone number 2) Day of week 3) Time of day [start / end] 4) A specified string within the incoming message.

When the application is running, it shows an icon in the notification area.

Application divided into 3 screens:

1) Main screen: Shows overview and last automatic response sent. Use menu key to list/edit rules.

2) Rules list screen: Shows currently configured rules (active and inactive). Press or long-press on a rule to edit/delete the rule.

3) Rules edit screen: Allows the rule to be configured:
* Rule Name
* Rule Active Y/N
* Filter from contact? Y/N & Contact number with contact picker.
* Filter by day of week? Y/N & Day of week check boxes
* Filter by time? Y/N & Start time hour/min and end time hour/min
* Filter by string in incoming message? Y/N & Filter string (case insensitive)
* Reply text - text to reply with.

Incoming messages are still shown in the regular Android messaging area, regardless of whether an automatic response was sent or not.

For your convenience and peace of mind, all automatic responses are all logged to a file SMSIntelligentResponder.log on your SD Card.

This free version allows only 2 rules to be configured. Use to test and see if this app will work for you.

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