Sms-Planner help you schedule send your messages at a specific time of day or night, you will not forget to send any more sms in the name day, birthday or Christmas, you can also remind about the coming meeting a friend or send sms at a time when you know you will not be able to do
In the SMS-Planner you can add, modify, delete and cancel sending the message. Receive status messages that so you always know what happened to the scheduled SMS, also putting sent message in the history of your SMS. You can also send SMS at certain intervals such as daily or weekly
Soon will be more opportunities ...

Supported languages​​:
English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

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Version 2.5
- Added daylight saving time solution
- Improvement performance
Version 2.4
- Added intervals: every month, every year
- Compatible with android version 4.3
- Improvement performance
Version 2.3
* Improvement functionality of time intervals
* Extends the length of the message
Version 2.1
* Extension configuration options (choose option menu - settings):
- Select a ringtone when sending
- Decide if you want to save a sent message in the history of your SMS
* Addition of new time intervals, ie: 5, 10, 20 minutes, and from Monday to Friday
* Improved status when you send a message to multiple recipients
* Set the current time when you go to edit SMS

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