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    Published: 2013-11-29, by Peter Warrior.

    A mobile device monitoring app

    • Illegal everywhere
    • Ethic issues about right to privacy and stuff

    "I'll be your shadow... in more than a sense"

    OK, let's look at this piece by piece. SMS Shadow is a mobile device monitoring app, thus meaning that you can remotely know what that device is doing, be calling, receiving or whatever, plus having access to sensible data such as contact list, GPS positioning and so.

    If that device is yours and of your personal use, great, it's an awesome security measure in case it gets robbed or lost. Otherwise, we have two main issues here. First, Google dislikes espionage, at least concerning its users (of course, what they do behind the curtain is a different kettle of fish), so this app shows a brief warning every five minutes. In other words, enough to make your own testing and fly to their homepage to get the whole app.

    Therefore, does it do what it says? Yes, it does so.

    Secondly, regardless of how legit you think your use for this app will be, it's most likely to be something absolutely unlawful and illegal there where you live.

    We can only advice you to proceed at your own risk.

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    Nov 29, 2013

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