SMS (Text) Answering Machine



When you are:
* away from the phone
* in the meeting
* driving
* any other situation when you can not answer calls or messages

This application will help you.

Enter reply message and application will answer missed calls and text messages for you!

No one will feel ignored any more!

What it does?

Answers missed calls.
Answers text messages.
Forwards missed calls notifications to e mail.
Forwards text messages to e mail.
Answers to everyone or phone book numbers or non contacts.
Exclude land lines option.
Limit the number of replies per time period.
Message templates.
Store replies to sent messages thread (outbox).
Automatically turns on at specified time.
Automatically turns off at specified time.
Set ringer mode to normal, silent or vibrate.

Below is the list of users and the features they have requested. These features will be included in next versions.

My ideas:
* Custom replies (for person or number)
* Home screen widget (with toggle on/off)
* Activate via custom SMS message
* Custom SMS for getting device's GPS location

* "Add multiple days selection in a week for auto start and auto off, for example Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 6am auto Start and 7.30am auto off."

* "Option for hiding notification icon."

Jess J.:
* Driving mode with auto detection and activation.

+ remove time frame when responding to the same number
*Be able to setup different auto responses for calls and text messages.
* Ignore blocked numbers.
* Individual auto replies to each different contact on your phone (Already in the to do list.)
* Being able to have any text message or missed calls forwarded the another number.
* Being able to have any text message or missed calls forwarded the email.

Philip Ng:
1. SMS-AM inactive.
2. User receive miss call from depend on option select ( Everyone, My contacts, Not in contacts)
3. User activate SMS-AM.
4. SMS-AM scan for last miss call(s) and ask user whether to send message.

Record message and e mail it.

Automatically reject a call and send a sms after certain time it left unanswered.
User can determine how long the call last before get rejected.
White list feature, for the contacts that user does not want to get automatically rejected.

Reply to caller after x number of rings.

If you need a feature, please let me know.

PS Update:
Next upgrade will include ability to customize what message will be replied to each person or number.

Thank you people!

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