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SMS (Text) Pager will generate a page alarm when an SMS text message is received that matches a search filter based on keyword, multiple words, senders phone number, or the senders name from your contact list. Pager alarms will ring and vibrate even if the volume is in silent mode and if the screen is off. An example search filter string may look like:

John Doe;Critical;Baby coming;5038889999

In this case there are 4 different filters. A contact name (John Doe), a keyword (Critical), multiple words (Baby coming), and a phone number. Any one of these can generate a page alarm. Five different alarm notifications can be configured. They can be configured with different search strings, ringtone's, volume level, alarm and repeat durations.

Another example:

Emergency&Assistance Needed&Hospital;Emergency&Assistance Needed&Broadcast;Accident&!Information;

In this case there are 3 different filters. The "&" character is used as an "AND" delimiter. This means that all of the key words must appear in the message or address in order to generate an alarm. So in the example above the filters "Emergency", "Assistance Needed", and "Hospital" must appear in the message in order to generate an alarm. Because there are additional filters separated by a semicolon, which acts as an "OR", the example above it will also match if the message contains the words "Emergency", "Assistance Needed", and "Broadcast". If the message only contained "Emergency" and "Assistance Needed" then it would not generate an alarm. The third filter would generate an alert if the word "Accident" is in the message, but does not contain the word
"Information". Any keyword preceded by the character "!" acts as a "NOT" function so that filters can exclude keywords in a message.

When a page alarm is generated, then you can either acknowledge it which will stop the page. If it is not acknowledged and repeat is enabled, then it will continue to alert based on the repeat duration configured. The alarm screen also has a “Snooze” option. When the snooze option is chosen, then it will pause the alarm for 5 minutes.

This app is perfect for anyone that is on-call and can't afford to miss a regular text message. Many Smartphone users like to silent their phones in public places such as restaurants, theaters, while sleeping, etc... but would like to know when an important SMS text message is received. This app is perfect for those situations; in fact it was written specifically for that reason. A nice feature of this App that you don't see with other pager apps on the Android market is that you can store multiple notification configurations. So you may configure one for your on-call work with a longer alarm duration set with higher ringer volume, but you may configure others with a shorter ring duration, no repeat and a lower volume level.

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