SMS123Go! Allows users to send messages to any mobile around the world in PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis. Send a new messages and pay for that message only.

SMS123Go! Allows you to save advertisements that can be sent to people. Introduce people with your products and schemes and attract them to your product.

It is always nice to have a backup. It is even nicer if it’s free. Even registering as PAY-AS-YOU-GO, you can maintain your own contact book.

Pay minimum fee and you can get the power of SMS123Go! on your own hand. We are empowering you to use our extensive API for setting up your own Messaging Website/Application and let your business imagination flow.

Can’t access your desktop and think international messaging from mobile networks is too costly? Download and install SMS123Go! Mobile application on your internet enabled mobile and send messages using the same low rate.

We hate spam messages as much as anyone else. So receivers will get mobile messages only when the sender initiates the request. We DONOT use your contact book for full advertisements or other things.

Security is one thing we will never compromise on. Your personal information and your contacts’ information are solely yours and we will never disclose that information to anyone. Your account package is secured and the API’s function will never function until you provide valid login credentials. In case of advertising user, your own business logic and your advertising messages will never be disclosed to anyone.

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