Send Messages Secretly & Safely. SMSafe encrypts SMS messages so that your messages are not read.
PIN Protected!

There are two types of encryption:
Blowfish: Long messages, Less secure.
RSA: Short message, Secure.

Blowfish is easy to use. Anyone who has SMSafe can decrypt a message sent with this encryption, all the recipient needs to do is have the app installed and the secret message can be read. Because this is so easy it makes it less secure.

RSA is harder to use. With RSA you will need the recipients public key to send a message(sent at touch of a button). For example if I want to send Andy a message with RSA encryption he will need to send me his public key (Vica-Versa). If he wants to send me a message with RSA I will need to send my public key.

Everyone has a new public and private key when they install the app. If you delete the files, or uninstall the app you will need to resend your public key.

- If anyone would like me to add anything feel free to contact me, I am considering adding a hybrid encryption, if anyone wants this then let me know.

This is my first application so be kind as I am not a team of Android developers, Thank you!

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