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    SmsCryptor is your safe for all incoming and outgoing SMS.
    Only you know the code to decrypt the messages.

    First start the option menu and determine the user code (your private password for this app) and the encryption key. With this key your messages will be encrypted.

    Additionally you can start a service which is listening for incoming/outgoing SMS to encrypt them immediately (-> button "start/stop permanent encryption").

    With the button "encrypt all SMS" the messages of the "inbox" and the "sent box" will be encrypted. With the button "decrypt all SMS" they will be decrypted.

    For decryption of the last 10 SMS, press the button "decrypt last 10 SMS" (includes in/out).

    Maybe the first encryption of all SMS takes a long time – it depends on the amount of your SMS. In that case (more than 100) you should do the first encryption by starting the button "start/stop permanent encryption" (will run in background).

    Features for permanent encryption:

    - encrypts new SMS (in/out) after 1 minute
    - after decryption -> encrypts again after 3 minutes

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