This app gives you the chance to save all incoming and outgoing sms and send them to an email

App works as a service always active, when an sms is intercepted it is stores and then a file is created for every day and sent to an email every 6 hours (at 0,6,12 and 18)

This FREE version will issue a notification each time an sms is saved and when an email is sent.
Also, the icon is visible in the laucher
The PRO version removes the icon and gives the chance not to issue the notifications

If the device is not connected on the sending time slot, the file will be sent as soon as connection is available again

to show the data collected in a txt file it is much better to use the software for pc notepad++ which is free and easibly downloadable. (check with google)

file structure is

filename contains the date


every row is

hh:mm:ss|number|contact(if number is in contact list)|direction|text


the use of this software it is allowed only within law restrictions in your country, particularly for privacy issues. please check your local law
no responsabilities will be accepted resulting for any use of this software

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